AI for Education for Policy-Makers

Training course • 7th June / 21st June / 5th July 2024


We are introducing a three part course for those with an interest in education policy for low- and middle-income countries.

The course covers:

1. Introduction to AI in education
2. AI applications in educational systems
3. Equity and inclusion – shaping AI innovations
4. Evidence, and AI ethics and data privacy in education applications

Presentation slides


The sessions were held virtually on the Zoom platform, please see the recordings below.

Training course

AI for education for policy makers

three 1 hr sessions

7th June 2024
21st June 2024
5th July 2024

If you missed it, the recording of the second session can be found here.

If you missed it, the recording of the third session can be found here.

What does AI mean for Education Ministries?

We went to Education World Forum 2024 where we spoke to many education ministers about AI – where it might be used for education, innovations, what ministries need to know and the questions ministries should be asking.

We thought this handout might be useful to others.

More Resources

There are plenty more resources on our Guidance page, just follow the link below.

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