Voice AI technology

Informal Technical Session • 11th July 2024


Following the previous Coffee Chat session led by Beekee, we are hosting another session with Adrian DeWitts from Bookbot leading the conversation. Stay tuned for more detail about the session.

Adrian has a unique management, software development, sound engineering, and linguistics background and has contributed to accurate real-time speech and prosodic voice synthesis. Adrian received the 2019 AMP Tomorrow Maker award – recognised as a tech leader employing artificial intelligence in the disability tech space.

Presentation slides


The session was held virtually on the Teams platform, click the button below to view the recording.

Informal technical session

Voice AI technology

1 hr

11th July 2024

If you missed it, the recording of the session can be found here.

Learning By Doing

We are providing small grants to support the development of AI products & components in LMICs. We know that innovation investment is high-risk. Our aim is that our community can benefit from the lessons learned in these pilots – what works and what doesn’t.

Learn more about our pilot projects here. We will be following each project and reporting on key learnings.

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