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There are exciting developments in AI products for education in low and middle-income countries (LMICs). Some products are still in development while others are being piloted and some have already been deployed. We will be using this page to highlight some of the work that is being done and to explore how we can share expertise, practical ideas and building collaboratively to help shape the development of AI use in education in LMICs.


Quality Teaching / Learning Materials • Large Language Models, Large Multi-Modal Models, NLP: Generation, NLP: Translation, MM: Text2Image

RobotsMali have generated children’s story books and a teachers’ guide through AI. The text for the books and guides is generated by Chat GPT, then translated by another transformer model to Bambara, which the is the local language. They also use AI tools for image generation to go alongside the text.

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Angaza Elimu

Assessment Tools & Processes • Large Language Models, NLP: Generation

Angaza Elimu are based in Kenya and develop formative assessment items through an interactive e-learning platform using Large Language Models (LLMs). They have a deployed product that is serving over 170k students with more than 54k active daily users.

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Emotions Foundation

Student and Family Factors • Audio: ASR, Audio: Text2Speech, Large Language Models, NLP: Generation, NLP: Question

Emotions Foundation’s mission is to make a global impact on mental health by bolstering social-emotional learning (SEL) for children, parents, and teachers. They have developed and deployed an AI-driven counselling solution in Rwanda.

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Quality Teaching / Learning Materials, Assess & Review • Audio: Text2Speech, Large Language Models, Large Multi-Modal Models, NLP: Generation, ML: Classification, MM: Image2Text, MM: Text2Image, MM: Text2Video

Taleemabad has been at the forefront of improving learning quality for the past eight years. They reach over 10 million children weekly through digital educational content delivered via public TV & radio, mobile apps, and schools throughout Pakistan.

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Learning By Doing

We are providing small grants to support the development of AI products & components in LMICs. We know that innovation investment is high-risk. Our aim is that our community can benefit from the lessons learned in these pilots – what works and what doesn’t.

Learn more about our pilot projects here. We will be following each project and reporting on key learnings.

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