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Quality Teaching/ Learning Materials

Ideas here relate to the production of teaching and learning materials but not their use within the lesson (see Teach).

Where AI Can Be Applied

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AI Ideas

We want to hear from you on what you think are the most promising ideas for AI that can help improve teaching and learning - you can vote by clicking the up arrow next to the idea. You can filter by 'What does it do?' and 'AI Tools' or search for keywords.
What is the issue? Solution What does it do? What kinds of AI tools can be used? Votes
Many schools have limited resources, but teachers lack creative ways to supplement these with additional ones in their local community. AI tools can analyse resources and suggest how these can be relevant to curriculum. Content creation & adaptation Large Language Models, Large Multi-Modal Models, ML: Classification, ML: Clustering, ML: Dimensionality Reduction, ML: Regression, MM: Image2Text, NLP: Generation, NLP: Text Classification
Limited access to good quality learning materials for students in areas of limited connectivity. Access to AI personalised learning within offline devices. Content creation & adaptation, Personalisation Large Language Models, ML: Classification, ML: Clustering, ML: Dimensionality Reduction, ML: Regression, NLP: Generation
Learning resources are often only text based and lack multi-media features. AI can convert text-based learning resources to audio or video formats to improve accessibility. Content creation & adaptation, Enhancing educational experience, Inclusion Audio: Text2Speech, MM: Text2Image, MM: Text2Video
Images in learning materials are often not culturally or geographically relevant so are hard for students to relate to. AI can generate culturally relevant images relating to specific text in teaching resources. Content creation & adaptation CV: Image2Image, Large Multi-Modal Models, MM: Text2Image
Teachers need the support of well trained and experienced colleagues to review existing learning resources. AI can review existing learning resources and suggest additions and improvements. Content creation & adaptation Large Language Models, NLP: Generation, NLP: Text Classification
Not all schools have good quality resources that link learning objectives to the local cultural context. AI can create learning resources that are relevant to the local cultural context. Content creation & adaptation NLP: Translation
Teaching younger students in their mother tongue is desirable. However, resources in local languages are limited. Translate resources into local languages and create audio content. Content creation & adaptation, Inclusion NLP: Translation
Absenteeism means students miss out on important learning. AI can provide summaries of classroom proceedings and content to enable absent students to catch up. Content creation & adaptation, Inclusion Audio: ASR, NLP: Generation, NLP: Summarisation, NLP: Text Classification
Learning resources are limited mainly to textbooks and other printed material, which is passive rather than interactive. Augmented reality tools to enhance the properties of existing learning resources. Enhancing educational experience CV: Depth, CV: Object, CV: Segmentation
Long or dated texts can be inaccessible for students. AI can summarise learning content in an accessible format for students. Content creation & adaptation, Enhancing educational experience Large Language Models, NLP: Generation, NLP: Summarisation
In large classes, it is not possible for teachers to provide adequately differentiated tasks to all students. AI can assess students' learning levels and then can generate tasks of appropriate challenge. Analytics, Personalisation Large Language Models, ML: Classification, ML: Clustering, ML: Dimensionality Reduction, NLP: Generation
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How We Have Categorised

AI Tools

AI Tool Categories • Definitions

While developing our AI ideas list we’ve also put together a list of the AI tools that might be used to solve the issues set out in each idea. The aim is to help us identify and prioritise what tech to develop and to understand the problems we want to solve.

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What Does It Do?

Function • Purpose

Some of the AI applications are performing similar functions (even though serving different parts of the Teaching and Learning Framework). For example, AI chatbots could be used by teachers to support Teacher Learning, or by students to support Student Learning. We’ve put together eight functions that AI tools perform to solve the education issues identified. The aim is to help us group similar ideas together for ease of navigation.

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Have We Missed Anything?

You can suggest AI ideas for inclusion on the platform – if you think we’ve missed something please add your suggestions using the form via the link below.

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