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Summary of GAIED Papers

News • January 2024

In December, Fab, in partnership with Jun Ho Choi and Daniel Björkegren presented our TheTeacher.AI work at the NeurIPS’23 Workshop: Generative AI for Education (GAIED). The workshop aimed “to bring together researchers, educators, and practitioners to explore the potential of Generative AI for enhancing Education.”

As part of this, 33 papers on AI in Education were presented – and we read them all. This is part of our wider work tracking and cataloguing the evidence on Generative AI use in education.

We wanted to share what we took from the GAIED papers, including some of the trends we saw.

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Our top five predictions for 2024

News • December 2023

This year has been quite the ride in terms of AI, with ChatGPT reaching 100m monthly users by February and 100m weekly users by November. OpenAI reported that two million developers were using their API’s, including nearly all Fortune 500 companies. In richer countries, we are seeing it integrated into more and more of our daily lives.

For many, it’s hard to know what to make of all this – the potential is there, but anyone that’s been on a call with AI transcripts knows that the technology still has issues. We are also hearing more calls from UNESCO and others for regulations, and seeing emerging policy for AI in education in higher income countries such as England.

Across LMIC’s, we’ve had the privilege of talking to many innovators who are looking to harness AI for education – and many people who just want us to explain to them simply what is happening, and what they need to know.

It’s such early days in this technology that we need to figure out what it all means together. So where do we see AI-for-Education going next year? Here’s our top five predictions.

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Asking the tricky questions on AI, education and equity

News • December 2023

AI is the shiny new toy, the new cool kid on the block, and people are rightly excited about the ways in which it can improve life and be applied to transform education. We hear this every day when we speak to people, but we also hear many valid concerns about how realistic it is to use any technology in the remote schools we want to help. These concerns matter to us, as AI-for-Education is about building together and collaborating to find ways that all the kids get to play with the new toys.

One thing we know well is that ideas are easy – and implementing them is hard. Especially where there’s no electricity, and it’s hot and dusty and at best one device for the whole school. So even while thinking about how AI can help, we can’t escape the realities of where we are trying to help.

This means we cannot be evangelists about AI, but must start with acknowledging the risks, challenges and finding answers to some tough questions. But that doesn’t mean we give up, or say this technology isn’t for everyone – it just means we have to work on solutions and realistic designs.

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Our thinking behind the development of the AI for education use cases

News • December 2023

We wanted to share some of the thinking that came out of developing the AI for education use cases. In this article, we outline the main opportunities for AI interventions in Foundational Learning and Numeracy (FLN), barriers to use, and other reflections on implementation. Finally, we consider some scenarios where use cases might be applied.

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Our thoughts on OpenAI’s new features for building education tools for low-resource settings

News • November 2023

We’ve been having lots of fun chatting to people about AI in education over the last few weeks, shaping our thoughts, planning what’s next. Then boom – OpenAI throws it open again and release a whole bunch of new cool things.

See the article for some of our thoughts.

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Learning By Doing

We are providing small grants to support the development of AI products & components in LMICs. We know that innovation investment is high-risk. Our aim is that our community can benefit from the lessons learned in these pilots – what works and what doesn’t.

Learn more about our pilot projects here. We will be following each project and reporting on key learnings.

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