Learning By Doing

Learning by Doing is a core component of the AI-for-Education.org initiative. We give small grants to support organisations to pilot AI ideas in Foundational Learning and Numeracy in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).
By giving grants, we have three aims:

  1. Enable development in priority areas that we think can improve foundational literacy and numeracy in LMICs.
  2. Support organisations by building their capacity.
  3. Learn and share what works, including open-source tools.

We want to learn about what works to help define what is needed for the sector in the long term.

We will check in periodically with the subgrantees and report key learnings as they go along. In addition to this, codes developed with the grant funding will be made open source.

Stellenbosch University & Trackosaurus

Assessment Tools & Processes • Audio: ASR, Audio: Classification

The team from Stellenbosch University and Trackosaurus will be developing AI models to enable spoken interaction in maths and language assessment games in South Africa.

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EducAid & Fab Data

Teacher Learning, Continuous Professional Development • Large Language Models, NLP: Generation, NLP: Question

EducAid and Fab Data are assessing level of support needed by teachers to use AI chatbots (TheTeacher.AI in Sierra Leone) successfully.

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Large Language Models

Beekee is exploring how to take Large Language Models offline, a component that is crucial in making AI work in low-resource context.

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Quality Teaching / Learning Materials • Large Multi-Modal Models, NLP: Generation, MM: Image2Text, MM: Text2Image

Taleemabad is exploring using AI to arrange images and text optimally for education.

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Bookbot & University of Dar es Salaam

Assessment Tools & Processes • Audio: ASR,  Audio: Text2Speech, Large Language Models, NLP: Conversational, NLP: Generation, NLP: Translation

Bookbot and the University of Dar es Salaam joined forces to adapt the Bookbot app, which is a digital reading tutor, from English to Swahili.

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Center for Integrated Solutions

Student Learning • Large Language Models, NLP: Conversational, NLP: Generation

Center for Integrated Solutions is developing an AI-powered chatbot that incorporates past WASSCE exams to support students in exam preparation.

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The EGRA-AI consortium

Assessment Tools & Processes • Audio: ASR, Large Language Models, ML: Classification, ML: Clustering, ML: Dimensionality Reduction, NLP: Generation

The EGRA-AI consortium (led by the University of Cape Town) are expanding the EGRA-AI project (using AI to automate early grade reading assessments) into isiXhosa language.

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