Learning by Doing: Resarch & Development Project


Taleemabad is exploring how AI models can be trained to place images and text together in a coherent layout to generate educational materials.


The project aims to lower the barrier for teachers to create engaging educational content (textbooks/workbooks/tests). Taleemabad envisions an AI-powered content creator that can produce finished materials through a simple learning outcome-based prompt.

Why is this important?

While there have been several explorations of creating content through text and images, very little thought has been put into how to take these and combine them into materials in a way where the layout makes sense and maximises learning. The project has a potential for high impact, as it can significantly reduce barriers for teachers to create their own educational materials.


The team will share the following:

  • Methods
  • Model parameters, weights, and training run outputs on platforms such as Hugging Face
  • Data on student performance and teacher uptake

Project timeline

3 months

Meet the team

Usman Javed is the Strategic Partnerships Lead at Taleemabad

What is the biggest challenge you are currently facing?

Combining text, images, and layouts generated by different models into a coherent textbook or learning material remains challenging, requiring advancements in multimodal AI capabilities.

What are you hoping to get from the community?

A community can help by providing valuable feedback and insights to improve the AI tools we are developing. They can also contribute shared expertise and resources and collaborate on the development process. Additionally, they can assist in addressing specific challenges, such asthe one we are working on (advancing multimodal learning material creation).

Moreover, we are eager to seek out new use-cases to better cater to our users. Any feedback, suggestions, or collaborative opportunities in this regard are warmly welcomed.

Taleemabad’s other work

Taleemabad has been at the forefront of improving learning quality for the past eight years. They reach over 10 million children weekly through digital educational content delivered via public TV & radio, mobile apps, and schools throughout Pakistan.

Other than textbook creation, they are also working on:

  1. Automated Exam Checking: Teachers can focus on direct instruction by reducing time spent on administrative tasks like grading assessments and data compilation.
  2. Rapid Educational Video Generation: Creating engaging, pedagogically sound, animated videos that are:
  • contextualised for diverse needs
  • created easily with a single learning outcome-based prompt
  • developed through an easy-to-use AI tool accessible by teachers even in the most underserved communities

Exploring using AI to arrange images and text optimally for education.

Pilot information
Large Multi-Modal Models
NLP: Generation
MM: Image2Text
MM: Text2Image

Based in Pakistan


Developing products for Pakistan

Contact – Taleemabad

Usman Javed


Strategic Partnerships Lead

Learning By Doing

We are providing small grants to support the development of AI products & components in LMICs. We know that innovation investment is high-risk. Our aim is that our community can benefit from the lessons learned in these pilots – what works and what doesn’t.

Learn more about our pilot projects here. We will be following each project and reporting on key learnings.

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