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This website is a place for ideas, guidance, shared knowledge and open-source code and tools to help the education community learn how to sensibly integrate their work helping children learn. It will be a space that helps shape the development of new tools and products, and the integration of AI into existing ones. It will help tech-innovators and educators by lowering the cost of their tools and shaping them to best practice for foundational literacy and numeracy (FLN).

Open-source codes and API points for developers can be found in the GitHub.


On this page we’ll share guidance documents that we’ve developed for our community of educators and developers. From our introduction to AI – a detailed guide written in simple language – to more technical guides about Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG).

Evidence Library

Our evidence library brings together academic research, books and reports into Generative AI use in educational contexts (up to age 18) from 2020 onwards. The catalogue is regularly updated and focuses on evidence of how AI tools impact on educational outcomes, including student learning, teacher/student behaviour and improving processes, such as feedback generation. Specific efforts are made to include research conducted in or about AI use in LMICs.

Explore the Ideas for How AI Can Help With Education

AI has the potential to transform approaches in education, both inside and outside the classroom. Here, we explore some suggestions of where and how AI technology may be used throughout the education system.

We have established 19 areas of the education system where we envision the use of AI and for each of these areas we have described potential appliations. By outlining these applications we hope to frame dialogue within the community and to establish priorities for investment and development.

Learning By Doing

We are providing small grants to support the development of AI products & components in LMICs. We know that innovation investment is high-risk. Our aim is that our community can benefit from the lessons learned in these pilots – what works and what doesn’t.

Learn more about our pilot projects here. We will be following each project and reporting on key learnings.

About our GitHub

The AI-for-Education Github organisation will be a hub for developers, hosting open-source code repositories and discussion forums. As well as being the home for all code associated with AI-for-Education’s grantees, the organisation also welcomes contributions from any interested parties working on foundational literacy and numeracy applications in low and middle-income countries, subject to an approval process.

To kick-start this process, the organisation currently hosts two LLM toolsets used by Fab Data‘s Teacher.AI products:

  1. fabdata-llm is a high-level python interface to multiple different LLM providers and providing a simple chat management system;
  2. fabdata-parsedoc is a python library for LLM-powered document I/O, cleaning, and content processing.

We look forward to your contributions!

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