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Can I see notes from the first convening event?

Yes, they’re up on the site, you can see them here.

Can I add my organisation to this website?

Absolutely! We’re adding an Organisation Directory and would love to include organisations working in this space. For now just get in touch by email –

What are the benefits of sharing my experience with the community?

We hope to identify shared problems/ challenges and work to develop open-source solutions that can be used by the whole community. We will advocate on behalf of the community for funding where appropriate.

What will the Open Knowledge Platform include?

This will host materials used in the convenings, and will grow to host ideas, guidance, shared knowledge and open-source code and tools to help the education community learn how to sensibly integrate their work helping children learn. It will be a space that helps shape the development of new tools and products, and the integration of AI into existing ones. It will help tech-innovators and educators by lowering the cost of their tools and shaping them to best practice for foundational literacy and numeracy (FLN).

Can I ask for help at

We’re keen to understand where people are having problems. We’ll do our best to find support and advice from within the community where we can.

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