Some Tools Can Help With Many Ideas

While developing our AI ideas list, we realised some are performing similar functions and helping with similar tasks (even though serving different parts of the Education System Diagram). For example, AI chatbots could be used by teachers to support Teacher Learning, or by students to support Student Learning. We’ve put together eight categories that AI tools can help with. The aim is to help us group similar ideas together for ease of navigation.

Tags for Shared Functions

Here is the list of the tags of some functions or tasks that AI tools can help with. You can filter the AI Ideas lists by these to get groups of applications.



Education example 

1-2-1 support 

Implies a conversation or interaction between the user and the chatbot  

AI chatbots can support students or teachers to develop specific issues such as subject knowledge. 

Content creation and adaptation 

New resources are being created, or existing ones are being changed 

AI can help to generate assessment items, lesson plans, and curricula. 


Taking real world inputs and turning them into digital resources, such as recognising speech or decoding textbook images 

Voice AI can transcribe verbally administered assessments.  

Enhancing educational experience 

Implies that one or more students’ learning experiences are improved 

AI can convert text-based learning resources to audio or video formats to improve accessibility. 


Implies improved access to learning for learners for those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), including translation. 

AI can interpret images and describe them verbally for students with visual impairments.  

Management and use of education information 

Implies support to enable teachers, school leaders or governments to use data to improve practice 

By looking for patterns in complex data sets and applying predictive analytics, AI can help policy makers make better informed decisions.  


Implies customisation to student/teachers  

Personalised content or assessments can be generated by AI to facilitate student learning. 


Implies use of data 

AI can help with data analysis of student performance or classroom observation to inform improvements. 

Where Can AI Help

Go back to the diagram to browse where AI can be used accross the education system.

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