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Brainy: An Innovative Context-Aware Generative AI Engine for Education Elie Nahas, Paul Barakat Diab, Talar Atechian April 8th, 2024 Conference Paper
The Efficacy of Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Adaptive Learning Systems From 2010 to 2022 on Learner Outcomes: A Meta-Analysis Xiaoman Wang, Rui “Tammy” Huang, Max Sommer, Bo Pei, Poorya Shidfar, Muhammad Shahroze Rehman, Albert D. Ritzhaupt, Florence Martin May 15th, 2024 Journal Article Journal of Educational Computing Research
"Mistakes Help Us Grow": Facilitating and Evaluating Growth Mindset Supportive Language in Classrooms Kunal Handa, Margaret Clapper, Jessica Boyle, Rose E. Wang, Diyi Yang, David S. Yeager, Dorottya Demszky October 16th, 2023 Preprint
A Fast and Accurate Machine Learning Autograder for the Breakout Assignment Evan Zheran Liu, David Yuan, Ahmed Ahmed, Elyse Cornwall, Juliette Woodrow, Kaylee Burns, Allen Nie, Emma Brunskill, Chris Piech, Chelsea Finn March 7th, 2024 Conference Paper
AutoTutor meets Large Language Models: A Language Model Tutor with Rich Pedagogy and Guardrails Sankalan Pal Chowdhury, Vilém Zouhar, Mrinmaya Sachan April 25th, 2024 Preprint
Reinforcement learning tutor better supported lower performers in a math task Sherry Ruan, Allen Nie, William Steenbergen, Jiayu He, J. Q. Zhang, Meng Guo, Yao Liu, Kyle Dang Nguyen, Catherine Y. Wang, Rui Ying, James A. Landay, Emma Brunskill May 1st, 2024 Journal Article Machine Learning
Math Education with Large Language Models: Peril or Promise? Harsh Kumar, David M. Rothschild, Daniel G. Goldstein, Jake M. Hofman November 22nd, 2023 Preprint
Improving the Validity of Automatically Generated Feedback via Reinforcement Learning Alexander Scarlatos, Digory Smith, Simon Woodhead, Andrew Lan March 2nd, 2024 Preprint
Scaffolding Language Learning via Multi-modal Tutoring Systems with Pedagogical Instructions Zhengyuan Liu, Stella Xin Yin, Carolyn Lee, Nancy F. Chen April 4th, 2024 Preprint
How Useful are Educational Questions Generated by Large Language Models? Sabina Elkins, Ekaterina Kochmar, Jackie C. K. Cheung, Iulian Serban April 13th, 2023 Preprint
Utilizing Natural Language Processing for Automated Assessment of Classroom Discussion Nhat Tran, Benjamin Pierce, Diane Litman, Richard Correnti, Lindsay Clare Matsumura, Ning Wang, Genaro Rebolledo-Mendez, Vania Dimitrova, Noboru Matsuda, Olga C. Santos June, 2023 Conference Paper
Exploring the potential of ChatGPT in assessing L2 writing accuracy for research purposes Adam Pfau, Charlene Polio, Yiran Xu December 1st, 2023 Journal Article Research Methods in Applied Linguistics
Artificial Intelligence in African Schools: Towards a Contextualized Approach Solomon Sunday Oyelere, Ismaila Temitayo Sanusi, Friday Joseph Agbo, Amos Sunday Oyelere, Joseph Olamide Omidiora, Ademola Eric Adewumi, Christopher Ogbebor March 28th, 2022 Conference Paper
Using deep learning-based artificial intelligence electronic images in improving middle school teachers’ literacy Yixi Zhai, Liqing Chu, Yanlan Liu, Dandan Wang, Yufei Wu March 29th, 2024 Journal Article PeerJ Computer Science
Improving Students’ Writing Skill Using Virtual Writing Tutor: Automatic Corrective Feedback Salma Viantika, Dangin Dangin March 26th, 2024 Journal Article EDULIA: English Education, Linguistic and Art Journal
Combining machine translation and automated scoring in international large-scale assessments Ji Yoon Jung, Lillian Tyack, Matthias von Davier April 8th, 2024 Journal Article Large-scale Assessments in Education
Assessing ChatGPT’s Writing Evaluation Skills Using Benchmark Data Sam Eastes March 27th, 2024 Blog Post
Comparing the quality of human and ChatGPT feedback of students’ writing Jacob Steiss, Tamara Tate, Steve Graham, Jazmin Cruz, Michael Hebert, Jiali Wang, Youngsun Moon, Waverly Tseng, Mark Warschauer, Carol Booth Olson June 1st, 2024 Journal Article Learning and Instruction
Thriving beyond the crisis: Teachers’ reflections on literature and language education in the era of artificial intelligence (AI) and globalization Edgar Eslit August 1st, 2023 Preprint
Promoting Artificial Intelligence Education in K–12 through Pre-service Teachers’ Development Olumide Ojo December, 2023 Thesis
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